Custom Homes by Nash & Associates Craftsman English Manor Northwestern Street of Dreams

11644 NE 80th Street
Kirkland, WA
(425) 828-4117

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Selected Home Designs
The Harris, 2510sf The Humphries, 4192sf The Mediterranean The Edmonds
The Ferry, 3682sf The Chatham, 4842sf The Mercer The Williamson
The Medina The Clark The Aspen The Head
The Madison The Bellevue The Ratner 5425, Stoker Estate
3363,bGeurts 3884, Mountain Star 4995, Nantucket 5400, Meridian
5800, Hyannis Port 5900, Vincadia Crossing 3504, Banfield 6334, Waverleigh
7393, Adamson 8058, Schaeffer 4553, Rosepoint 3083, Salmon Res.
Ryan Res. Lake Chelan Res.
Please Contact Us for information about
The Farmington (5507 SF), Martha's Vineyard (4879 SF), The Kearney (4915 SF) or The Salina (5357 SF)